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Quality control is at the heart of our business and is our priority.  We are committed to supplying “defect free” turned parts and machined components to our customers. Our custom-built quality standards facility ensures that turned parts are manufactured to the rigorous and exacting standards, for example roundness checking and surface texture checking to within 0.005mm.

Through all stages of production to our excellent, well packaged delivery service we pride ourselves in offering the highest standards of quality and service. Our Quality shop includes various types of testing equipment such as Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Tester, Dyna Scan Vertical Profile Projector, Sipcon 3D Measuring Machine, Technofour Conductivity Testing Machine.

A full complement of precision hand inspection tools and gauges including Micrometers, Vernier Caliper’s, Height Gauges and Pin Gauges allow the engineers to carry out ongoing inspection machine side, throughout a batch of parts, no matter what the quantity.

Aofeite supported for multiple vendors and exported to Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe,United States, South Africa and other regions.Now Aofeite has a good reputation in the customer base.