What are the accessories for air compressors? And specific functions?


Air compressor parts are a relatively general term. Air […]

Air compressor parts are a relatively general term. Air compressors are divided into piston air compressors and screw air compressors according to the working principle. Piston air compressor parts are mainly some conventional accessories. Piston air compressor parts are divided into parts. For consumable parts, such as piston rings, support rings, valve plates inside the valve block, pistons, piston rods, large head tiles, coolers, etc., durable fittings are cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, seals, brakes, oil pumps, safety valves. Etc., and the screw air compressor is different from the piston air compressor. The working principle of the screw air compressor is different from that of the piston air compressor. The design is different.
The screw compressor air compressor has oil filter, air. Filter element, solenoid valve, engine oil, etc., the screw of the general screw machine air compressor is not easy to damage, and the service life is relatively long.

The hardware components of the piston machine are: piston, piston ring, connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing bush, cylinder sleeve, valve block, pressure switch, air filter, etc. Screw machine parts are, rotor liquid, air filter, oil filter, oil separator, pressure valve, temperature control valve, intake valve, radiator, high pressure oil pipe, main engine, PLC control panel, etc.
Screw compressor parts are widely produced. Many of the motors and electronic control boards are imported from Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the meantime, the screw is looking for a domestic first-class manufacturer in China, and the second-rate brand does not have the strength to purchase equipment for producing screws.

Slide type air compressor: The technical requirements of the slide type air compressor are relatively high, so there are not many manufacturers of accessories, mainly the original parts of the air compressor. The sliding vane air compressor works in a relatively simple manner. The most advanced integrated design is adopted in the structural design, and 95% oil and gas pipelines and valves are built in.
The accessories of the sliding vane air compressor are: air filter, minimum pressure valve, oil separator, oil filter, temperature control bypass valve, industrial motor, flexible coupling, PLC controller, oil inlet pipe, oil outlet pipe, Drain solenoid valve, intake valve, main engine, oil return valve, etc.